Sunday 8 March 2015

Things I Wish My Mum Had Told Me - Enjoy Yourself

Enjoy yourself 

Too many times in life we focus on what's not going right in our lives. We forget about all the things that we've been blessed with, friends, family etc.  Time is the only thing that isn't available for us to waste! Don't waste it complaining about what you don't have. Do your best to enjoy each moment as it comes because before you know it you'll be blowing out candles on a 70th Birthday cake! Smile and laugh until it hurts because those will be the best memories you'll have when you look back on life. 

Yes, you might be grinding your ass off right now looking for a job, working or uni. Although, whatever your situation may be, just look at the bigger picture. Work hard at what it may be but don't forget to enjoy yourself. Take some time out for yourself now and then and "smell the roses". Sometimes that's all we need, a little more me time. 

Create new memories with the people you love & maybe try something new, something different. Just don't lose yourself whilst trying to succeed. 
The journey may long & frustrating. 
But you'll get there. 
& when you do you'll have done it with a smile on your face. 


Friday 27 February 2015

Things I Wish My Mum Had Told Me - 'It's OK.'

What do you want out of life?

- A Car?
- A House?
- A Relationship?
- A New Job?

There are so many things we all wish to aspire to within the world, but what do you reeeeaaallly want? I'm talking about the thing that keeps you up at night, torturing your thoughts before you fall asleep?
Did your answer change?
Mine Did.

Whether your answer changed or not, it's ok to want things. It's human nature. And it's ok that your path to get these things might not be mapped out just yet. It's all a part of the process. I think we all get so caught up trying to out-do each other, we forget its ok to not have it all figured out like some of our friends do. We're young!!

Knowing what you want doesn't have to be such a black and white area. I know plenty of people who are at Uni studying a specific degree, but if you ask them what they want to do after they graduate, a lot of them are still unsure. It's allowed!

Someone I met recently asked me this question, (at first I was like, Why are you being so deep? I just met you chill out!) but to be honest it hit a nerve because I couldn't give a straight forward answer. There's a bunch of things I want. Success. Money. Love. But looking back, and really thinking about it, the blanks in your story don't need to be filled in right this second. Right now, enjoy the journey and learn from your experiences. Trust me, they build character and broaden your perspective on life.

I'ts ok not having everything "together", but don't let it stop you from working towards what you think "it" is.